3D Map/Hologram?


I've taken to plotting every asteroid I come across. While it's great for finding asteoids I've already visited, it's not great for finding areas of space I've missed.

What I'd like to see implemented is some sort of display or projector which can show my GPS points in 3D, so I can visualize how everything is in relationship to each other. If it's on a 2D screen, then some sort of zoom, If, it's on a 3D screen (similar to the projector, but with points instead of blocks), I'd like to be able to adjust the projection size, so it could take up a large space or a small space.

Thinking about usability, there are times when people will want to dump all their GPS points into one map, and times when they'll want to move just a few, so a UI should probably support those two options. really cool stuff with these maps and Programmable Blocks, such as make make floating holograms.

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